Over the past few weeks I have been feeling rather down in the dumps so in an attempt to make myself feel more upbeat and energetic, I decided to focus on all the things that I have to look forward to and how grateful I am. This obviously gave me blogging ideas, hence the post! Though, to be honest, I’m aware not many of you will care what I’m grateful for, but hopefully if anyone is feeling the same as me, then maybe this will help in someway? If not then I apologise in advance you might find this post a tad boring!

So here it goes, 100 things that I am grateful for right now! (This is harder than you think actually…try it)

  1. My ability to write this post and the fact that I am feeling so grateful!
  2. My beautiful home that I am sitting in to write said post.
  3. My soon to be husband (no he didnt ask me to write that)
  4. My AMAZING parents who inspire me every single day.
  5. My family, every single one of you.
  6. Netflix (Suits is total girl boss goals right now)
  7. My blogging room.
  8. My loyal Instagram followers.
  9. Mine and my families health.
  10. My upcoming wedding, its getting so close I’m so excited!
  11. My mind. Its so easy to take for granted being able to focus and set your mind to something.
  12. Having plans and goals.
  13. Summer.
  14. Celebrating 9 years with the future hubby this year.
  15. The start of winter (pumpkin spice everything)
  16. In laws halloween party (for someone who hates masks this is a pretty big thing hah!)
  17. My idea for a costume (is it okay that I make Craig do couples costumes? He thinks not!)
  18. Looking forward to upcoming cold winter nights with cosy candles!
  19. My motivation board (if you don’t have one, I strongly recommend)
  20. An old school friend getting back in touch to say she is loving my posts.
  21. The opportunities that I have been given.
  22. The opportunities that I will be given.
  23. Laughter.
  24. Love.
  25. The fact that slimming world doesn’t make me feel like I’m starving.
  26. The fact that my wedding dress is coming in very soon! Eeeek!
  27. My business plans.
  28. Apple music. This is such a motivator at times. Like most of the time. Okay ALL of the time!
  29. Paperchases marble card. I KNOW RIGHT!
  30. Pinterest. Whether its winter wardrobe advice or wedding inspiration, this app has me hooked daily. Im especially into all the quotes at the moment.
  31. The film Bridesmaids. Ive been watching this A LOT lately and its getting me super excited for my hen.
  32. Candles. All the candles ever! I love them all!
  33. My calendar for next year! Yes I’ve already brought it and its beautiful 🙂
  34. GOD.
  35. Books. I love to read. I find it such a great way to relax.
  36. Finding old photos. I found some earlier and its always lovely to look back on things.
  37. My ability to say sorry if I need to.
  38. Peonies. Enough said.
  39. My work (yep, even when it makes me sad)
  40. My memories.
  41. Rose gold. Im obsessed with anything this colour.
  42. My Inkwell press planner.
  43. The things that I have succeeded in so far.
  44. The things that I have failed in so far.
  45. Lessons learned.
  46. Old friends.
  47. New friends.
  48. Experiences.
  49. My goals mood boarddreams
  50. My wedding organiser. I had 4 and couldn’t fall in love with any so made my own and I love it!
  51. The fact that I have reached 50 so easily.
  52. People who inspire me.
  53. People who challenge me.
  54. My blog.
  55. Pretty little liars. Who isn’t grateful for this????
  56. Faith and beliefs.
  57. Being outdoors. I love being by the sea/ocean. Its vastness makes me feel so inspired and recharged.
  58. The song ‘Wild horses’ by Natasha Bedingfield.
  59. The fact that its become a family tradition to play ‘All you need is love’ by the Beatles after your first dance and my whole family know to get up and dance!
  60. Knowing that I have support.
  61. When a smell reminds you of something and makes you smile.
  62. Having a favourite song of all time.
  63. Days when you feel and see the magic in the world.
  64. One Tree Hill (Because it helps when you want to see that magic)
  65. Ant and Dec (NEED. I . SAY. MORE)
  66. Days when you feel solemn and music fits your mood (does anyone else feel like they are in a music video when this happens in the car! No? Oh…)
  67. Being complimented by strangers.
  68. Honesty when its needed.
  69. My good skin at the moment.
  70. When you feel like an absolute girl boss!
  71. The compliments I’ve had on my new hair cut.
  72. When you get up before your alarm and don’t feel like a zombie.
  73. The fact that I get up.
  74. Bubble Baths.
  75. Hearing a song that you used to love but totally forgot about.
  76. Knowing that everybody is different.
  77. My current hoard of stationary.
  78. Dancing around the living room when I’m excitable singing to every song on my phone and he still loves me! (Thanks hun)
  79. Prosecco. (Not related to number 78!)
  80. Sunny days.
  81. The fact that I am so busy all the time.
  82. My love of learning.
  83. When I realise how lucky I am.
  84. Watching a movie all snuggled on the sofa.
  85. Movie soundtracks (Im a sucker for a soundtrack)
  86. That slimming world worked this week.
  87. When you accidentally leave your alarm set for 5am but its actually a Saturday *cue jumping straight back into bed!*
  88. Fresh Flowers
  89. Realising your potential!
  90. When negative people show you their true colours *BYE*
  91. Having people tell me they are excited for my wedding.
  92. Having options to do the things I want to do.
  93. Having Goals
  94. Being able to get all my washing dry! (Yesssss to sunny, dry days!)
  95. Cold, crisp days.
  96. Melissa and Joey ( I love this show right now)
  97. Cosy nights in.
  98. When people are understanding.
  99. Having some spare cash to buy myself some treats!
  100. The fact that I can get to 100!


What are your top things you are grateful for right now?




  1. Naciima
    20th October 2017 / 9:07 PM

    You made it to a , am feeling more grateful already

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