So incase you haven’t guessed already, I’m planning a wedding! Due to this I have become hooked on Pinterest and Instagram looking at all the different wedding stuff. I thought that I would share some of my top accounts to follow right now because i’ve been getting lots of inspiration from them, and i’d love to help out other brides/grooms with some ideas.

These are in no particular order by the way, just dropping that in there!

Pretty Little Wedding

This page deserves so many more followers than it has currently. I just love it because there are lots of simple and affordable ideas on there. Not only that but the page is lovely and attractive to look at!

Midlands Weddings

First of all Swoon!¬†Being from the Midlands i’ve obviously looked at whats available to me and this page cropped up! I am in love with pretty much everything on their page! In-fact thats an understatement! Their page is certainly one to look at if we have any midlands brides reading this!


Simple name and beautiful account! I love some of the cute photos on their with quirky ideas! Especially the flower girl and pageboy outfits. I love as well that the groom is present in the photos too, along with proposals and pregnancy announcements. For me, it doesn’t just capture a wedding, it celebrates a marriage.

Wedding Magazine

The caption on this page really says it all for me! There are so many ideas to take for your big day, and I especially love the pictures of bridesmaids seeing the bride for the first time etc etc. I think sometimes the photos can be easily forgotten about because someone else is taking care of it, but its so important to remember that its your day! We don’t leave anyone else involved in the wedding to decide whats best, so why do we leave the photographer to their own devices. Tell them what you want! (sorry, got a bee in my bonnet then) but this page just reminded me of that matter!

Wedding PR

Such a beautiful account what many photos offering Pinterest worthy ideas! There are lots of sister pages to the account and all of them are worth checking out!

Bridal Musings

Such a stunning page, with plenty to offer (including a blog!) I particularly love the bridesmaids shots so that I can see whats about!

Of course there are tonnes of accounts that offer amazing inspiration, but these are just a few of my favourites. Be sure to let me know what accounts/blogs you like in the comments below!


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