Welcome to The Everything Edit.

I am super excited to have finally unveiled my brand new site The Everything Edit! A brand new image and brand new name! *cue sassy hand raised emoji*

This has been a very long time coming, and a very necessary move for me to make. For those of you that were kind enough to follow my blog before, you will be well aware of how lax I was with it. If you remember, I even admitted to ‘falling out of love’ with it. Those things were so true and I have been doing a lot of ‘blog soul’ searching these past few months to try and get to the bottom of it.

The truth is, I just didn’t know what it was that I wanted to say. I had things, but no words. I know I’m not on a mission to create this amazing manifesto for life, but I didn’t want to produce rubbish content either. Its kind of like that feeling you get when you have something to say but no idea where to start? Anyone else get that? I felt like I was just publishing for the sake of publishing and that is totally the wrong way to go about blogging.


Amongst all that, I also hated the name of the blog! Ironic seeing as it was actually my name, but I just felt that it wasn’t capturing my blog ‘essence’ enough and that really demotivated me to write. Everyone that asked about my blog name would say ‘oh thats sweet’ or something similar once they knew what it was called. I felt a little like ‘sincerelyamylouise’ was a preschooler, with nothing interesting to say. No bigger demotivation for me to be honest.

It’s so easy to compare yourself to other bloggers out there, and look at your own blog and think, why the hell do I bother! *cue that hand raised emoji again because i’m as guilty as sin on that! I knew that blogging was something that I really wanted to do. However, I couldn’t find the right things to focus on at the right time. I felt like there were things that were going on around that could be great content, but other commitments took time away and then the inspiration for the post just went away. For me, blogging is 99.9% writing when you are pumped and passionate about the content. That was just really hard for me to do sometimes. Especially when I felt like such as novice ‘baby’ blogger.

Changing the name was a long process for me because I wanted and needed it to be right, for different reasons! Importantly though, it was my statement to the internet world that ‘sincerelyamylouise’ is out of nappies and in stilettos! I wanted to capture what the blog is about, what it stands for and what people can expect to get from it. Not only that but I wanted it to say a little bit about me. (Lol obviously something different than my name!) There was lots of thinking involved, about what kind of ‘blogger’ I wanted to be, and why.

It kept leading me to the same solution, wanting to capture a little bit of everything. Mainly being because I enjoy ‘a little bit of everything.’ Sometimes I’m all over beauty and the next minute I’m consumed in my work or my wedding! I stopped putting pressure on myself to be a ‘one or the other’ blogger. Why can’t I just write about all the things I’m into at the moment, after all thats what makes a blog so real? Et Voila…The Everything Edit was born! A blog the covers whatever I’m feeling (or not) at that moment in time.


Not only that but I do also want to cover some issues that are close to my heart, such as mental health. I also want to incorporate things that I find useful for my own wellbeing. Lot of things really, that I feel super passionate about. I guess all in all I want to have a blog that has a meaning, even if it is only just for me. I’m so keen to create posts that people are going to enjoy and maybe take something from.

I think that I also need to thank you guys. Thank you for the patience and understanding. Also, thank you to fellow bloggers that have helped to inspire and motivate me to find my bloggy path! I’m sure that I wasn’t the first and I won’t be the last blogger to feel that way! I’m just really happy to finally have my blogging shit together as it were.¬†So yeah, I think I have waffled on enough! Welcome to The Everything Edit, a place to laugh, maybe even cry, and hopefully find whatever it was that you were searching for! Enjoy…


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