“Try to enjoy it” they say, “Its so much fun” they (also) say! Yes I agree, wedding planning is fun. To an extent! After that it’s nothing but stress, tantrums and frequent ‘bridezilla’ moments. If I had a pound for every time someone has said to me “you don’t even notice on the day” I could have paid for my wedding twice over, booked a fancy honeymoon and had money to spare! Honestly, I know they are right. On the day I won’t care if a guest comes in jeans or that another brought an unplanned plus one. I am well aware that its not what’s important that day, but right now, things are driving me mad!

Please tell me that I’m not the only bride that feels like this? I’m making myself sound such a dragon I know! I can almost hear you begging to know if my husband-to-be is getting thought it all. *Disclaimer: No future husbands were harmed during the planning of this wedding! 

I keep having to remind myself that other people don’t care as much as I do about this wedding! And thats okay, honestly it is! (What do you mean you don’t care! Ha, see what I did there?) But there have been a few occasions this week that have made me roll my eyes on more than one occasion. I thought that this would be a prime moment to share the things that have been driving me round the bend, in hope that you will tell me that I’m not the only one!

First thing on my list of peeves is colour! Having set my heart on berry, I am now faced with the ordeal of finding the right shade! Who knew there were so many? I’m currently trying to find the correct colour bridesmaid dresses, which is proving some task! Can someone please explain why stores have all different names for the same colour. Or even more annoying, have the correct name, but the actual colour is miles different? To me, berry is berry! But in wedding world, berry is actually masala, wine, plum, mulberry, burgundy or cabernet. This would all be fine, if the shades were not all slightly different. I guess I’m just being really picky, but only because I’m after the perfect berry colour. Calling all brides here! Please tell me that I’m not the only one!

Now I know I can’t be the only bride in history that has wanted to throw things at those that don’t RSVP! Especially when you included it in their invite! On the surface I’m cool and calm, but in my head I’m shouting ”GIVE ME YOUR BLOODY RSVP!” I guess its really petty to some, but I paid good money for those and i’ve had a handful back! I also included a cute song request card to include with said RSVP, but lets just say the hours cutting each one out perfectly with guillotine and scissors was a waste of time!

I’m going to go all Monica from Friends on this one, but its a wedding not a party. Yeah yeah I know technically its one huge party, but to have people reference it in conversation saying ‘oh yeah you’re having that party’ is some what frustrating! Especially when lots of time, money and effort is being put into it looking very different to your great aunts 60th!

However, I think top trump in the frustration department so far has to be wedding suppliers. There have been so many that I have emailed over recent weeks for different things, suits, cars etc etc, and I’m either still waiting for the reply, or dealt with really rude people. It’s shocking really when they know the prices they are going to charge and they still deliver shoddy service. You would think for the money you are going to be paying, you would get top service. Not only that, but I want complete faith in people that are going to look after certain aspects of our day, and when they ignore us, forget us or tell us they don’t have time for us, I question their finished product.

Don’t get me wrong, I roll with the punches, but there are just some things that grate on me. After all, this is going to be the most special (and expensive) day of my life. I want it as perfect as it can be. On the other hand, I can see how easy it is to lose sight of whats really important, and thats marrying my best friend. No amount of dodgy shades of berry will take from that! Its really easy to only focus on the aesthetics, and I know I’m not the only bride (or groom) to be guilty of that, but I think its good for me to remember that sometimes. The day will always be perfect, because its the day I become a wife!

I would love to know what you found frustrating about wedding planning and I would welcome and handy hints! Feel free to drop me a comment or find me on Instagram so that we can become bridal besties!





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